About the Austrian OPC

Together with Noah Boeken, Marcel Luske introduced the European Open Poker Championship (European-OPC) format to Dutch audiences in 2006. The Dutch Poker Championship was named PKVN – Poker Kampioen van Holland (Poker Champion of Holland). When the tournament launched, it was aired annually for three years on Dutch TV. The European Open Poker Championship is a live event where poker players of all skills compete to win the ultimate prize. For 2023, 120 live and online events are scheduled for registered players. The tournament applies the International Poker Rules to all events, guaranteeing fairness and consistency.

Participants in the Austrian-OPC have a chance to become:

  • Austrian preliminary round winner 2023
  • Austrian-OPC champion 2023
  • European-OPC champion 2023

The Austrian Open Poker Championship offers a national and European tournament (European-OPC) for poker enthusiasts in the United Kingdom. Apart from the preliminaries, the tournament includes online Second Chance events, a semi-final, and a grand final. Eighteen of the top players from each country proceed to the finals in the European tournament. The location of the 2023 European-OPC Grand Final is yet to be announced, but it will be held at a premier poker venue in Europe. To organise the European-OPC Grand Final, at least three competing countries (54 players) are required.

At the Austrian-OPC, both household names in the poker scene and amateur players can showcase their talents and have fun. The tournament doesn’t have a buy-in. However, you must be registered as a Austrian-OPC player to participate.

The tournament is a place for the international poker community to interact as players in Europe and challenge each other on a big platform. The live events create an environment where competitors and spectators can socialise and learn from each other.

If you love poker, this is your opportunity to have some fun while honing your skills. Join the Austrian Open Poker Championship and compete against some of the best players in the country.

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